Top 4 Pantry Essentials


Pantry staples are key to allow you to change the flavour of a dish with one little sprinkle or slice Here at the Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan we LOVE to spice things up and experiment with NEW flavours here are our favourite pantry essentials.

There are a few different varieties of olives, some are sold in jars, and some in cans. Most grocery stores now also have olive bars, given you choice of flavours and varieties.We love them as a snack on pizzas and even in salads. If you are NEW to olives we would suggest the Nocellara Butter Olive’s from ASDA (our favourite).

Chia seeds are our newest addition to our 123 pantry and we LOVE them! They are great in, smoothies, jams, puddings, and as a topping for yogurt. Ground chia also works well as a binding agent and we occasionally use them in place of breadcrumbs and baking ingredients. Check out our recipe book for more ideas!

Nutmeg is a common and fairly popular spice that has been recognised as having health benefits, including pain relieve, soothing indigestion, strengthen cognitive function, detoxify the body, boost skin health.. along with many more. We use nutmeg to add
taste and dimension to our quinoa porridge, in smoothies and in our flaxseed and cinnamon cookies! It is a strong flavour so don’t go over board little sprinkle is all it needs.

Traditional Tunisian Harissa is a hot chilli pepper paste that uses roasted red peppers, hot chilli peppers, various spices, and garlic. Harissa can be purchased pre-made or your can easily make your own at home. We like to use Harissa as a dip alongside snacks, as a topping for soup, or even as a spicy spread for grilled cheese sandwiches (stage 2 onwards of course).

Stay focused and take care of you,
Love TA & The 123 Diet Plan Team x

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