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The Plan and Membership

For just £19.99 you will receive all you need to start your 123 journey. The Plan consists of the 3 stage diet plan that has transformed over 70k active members lives.

With a stage by stage layout 45 recipes and colour coded unlimited and limited food list the plan is simple to follow. The plan also gives you weekly weight trackers and example plans to help you prepare for each stage week by week. With useful top tips from TerriAnn and some delicious recipes to inspire you its is a simple affordable way to start your 123 Journey

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The Plan, Recipe book and Membership

For just £26.99 you will receive our Plan and membership PLUS our amazing recipe book.

The recipe book is packed with some delicious recipes in addition to the 45 recipes you will receive in your plan. The recipe book includes recipes such as waffles, vanilla and blueberry muffins, Sweet bake potato, and even Crunchy chicken bites for the children.

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The Ultimate 123 Journey package

This package includes the plan, recipe book and membership PLUS our 12 week tracker book, tape measure, pen, sample and a FREE trolley key ring and FREE fridge magnet. 

And while the plan alone is all you need these handy little additions will help with motivation  and keep your journey on track.

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TerriAnn’s Testimony

Seeing the impact the plan has on my members lives is the sole reason why I created the TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan. My aim was to help as many people as possible who like me had struggled to find the right plan due to affordability and lack of support.

The UK’s most affordable Diet Plan

The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan will transform your body and your lifestyle. The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan isn’t a short term plan, it is a lifestyle change with long term results.

The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan will educate you, on how to eat healthier and also maintain the body you’ve always wanted. With over 70,000 active members, today could be the start of your #123Journey.

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