Member Testimonials

  • Lydia Rasin

    After years of battling my weight after medication made me eat 24/7 i found 123 . I ordered and said after all the money i've wasted on plans ,pills potions the one off payment was nothing I wouldn’t spend in the shop on junk then feel worse. Im so glad i did that one off fee has changed my life,given me confidence and made me a happier and healthier mummy to my boys.loosing 5st in 9months dropping from a size 22-24 to 12-14 was great.

  • Susie Waggett

    Me and my fiancé have been on the plan since the end of August and so far we are doing great, I have lost 1st and 9lb and my fiancé has lost 1st 10lb! I was very sceptical about the plan as I have tried so many in the past and failed, HOW WRONG WAS I?? The plan is fab! Terri-Ann and the team are so supportive and always give sound advice, I know this plan is going to change my life.

  • Colin Taylor - 43

    I’ve lost 30 lbs the plan is absolutely fantastic because you eat yourself thin, i never thought i would be able to do this but with the help and support from everyone else on the plan its as easy as 1.2.3 xx

  • Fiona Hannigan - 46

    Lost 7.5lbs in 6 days… i seem to have loads more energy and idont even miss sugar now. i could eat like this permanently i think so next stage will be great too. I feel great doing this diet. not hungry tired or craving for anything. X

  • Dianne Jowett-Blore - 44

    Lost 27 lbs in 5 weeks. I have struggled with my weight since having my 1st child 15 years ago. I’ve tried other diets and prescription tablets, and although I lost weight with them, I have always put it back on plus more as soon as I stopped them and returned to normal foods. I’ve been in the viscious circle of yoyo dieting for years, until I cameacroos the 123 Diet Plan. A friend of mine had done well on the plan and recommended it highly. I am so glad that I started it. The foods you can eat are everyday healthy foods and you can eat loads. I feel years younger now. I now have masses of energy,I feel more confident, my skin, hair & nails are benefiting as well. I was a serious chocoholic and loved crisps but with the plan I have no cravings for any of the unhealthy foods I used to gorge on daily. I love the plan. Terri-Ann is a fantastic mentor and always happy to give support and guidance and along with the fantastic support from members it gives you the motivation to succeed. The 123 Plan has helped to change my life already, I know I will reach target with it and this is a diet that I will happily be comfortable following for many years to come on the maintenance stage x

  • Julie Miller - 45

    Been on this plan for 18 days and so far I have lost 9 lbs it so easy to do you have no calorie counting no weighing no high fees and best of all you’ve got the best support from terri Ann she is always willing to give her time to help you with questions and puts lots of documents on the members site for you to access anytime I can’t recommend this highly enough and I can see my new body in the not to distant future with 123 diet.

  • Natalie Collins - 36

    total loss 42lb in four and half months. Again when i read about this diet i was sceptical but thought for a one off payment of eleven pound what did i have to loose. Well i must say i have never looked back its the best diet i have ever followed and let me tell you there have been many. Even if i have a weekend off so easy to get back on plan and i always find i not only loose what i put on but a few pounds more. Must say met some fab friends also as everyone so friendly helpful and willing to share their ideas. Terri Ann I owe u a massive thank you. Heres to the next few months x

  • Lisa Allison - 44

    Lost 1 stone 3lb so far up to day 25, still at least another 3 stone to lose. Easiest diet ever and have tried them all! Still not cheated even once as I never feel hungry and fill up on all the delicious things I can have. Confident I can lose all my weight this time and the support from Terri-Ann and the other members is fantastic :)

  • Karen Clarke - 29

    I’ve lost 52lbs so for on the 123 diet I’ve been following the diet for 20 weeks I’ve had many days in-between where I have attended special occasions and eaten not so healthy foods. I have been on loads of diets I even did a diet were i could only have milk shake for 2 months. I lost weight but not as quickly as on this diet and put all the weight back on and more within a month. This is fast sustainable weight loss. The plan is so easy to stick to it has both savoury and sweet foods in them and you can eat a such as you like. I regularly have starter main and sweet for my tea without the need to feel guilty and never being hungry is such a novelty when being on a diet. I can nibble and pick till my hearts content. All I can say is this diet as made it possible for me to wear a size 12 dress on my wedding day when I was a size 22 in january. I wouldn’t be the size I am now without this diet and the amazing support of Terri Ann and the rest of the 123 family x

  • Stacey Large (AKA dolly p sayles) - 32

    Ive lost 32 lbs in 11 weeks as most people i was skeptical at first about this diet plan as ive tried so many diets and with all of them it has always been the fact that im so hungry that i give in and end up puuting even more weight on, with this plan it works for me because i am never hungry i can eat whenever i want if i feel peckish and can have huge portions, quantity has always been my issue since starting this plan not only have i lost weight but my skin, nails and hair have all improved condition there are great recipies that are quick and easy to make and for the first time i can have the occasional takeaway or meal out and still be sticking to the plan i have definately finally found the diet for me and theres no looking back now i love it and the online support is fab xx

  • Kristine Duffus - 36

    Lost 18lbs in 4 weeks. An easy plan to follow andyou are never hungry. I’ve not fallen off the wagon yet as I am satisfied with what I’m eating and not only are the numbers going down on the scales, I can really see the difference. I have lots of weight to lose but I am determined and confident i will do it with the Terri-Ann 123 plan!!

  • Leigh Smyllie - 22

    Lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks! Being a student it’s difficult to find an affordable diet with simple recipes! This diet is great as it’s so easy and simple and has given me the confidence boost I needed! Thanks Terri-Ann Lloyd Mitchell x

  • SachaIckle Metcalf - 37

    Lost 21lbs in 9 weeks and 2 dress sizes. The plan is so simple to follow. Its about time there was a diet that took the three things into account that people need from a diet. A fast initial weight loss then steasy continual weight loss, more importantly when you reach your goal there is a third phase that enables you to stabalise your weight for the future. I am on medication that causes weight gain but on this diet I have a weight loss each week so more than happy. The support is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone looking for the LAST diet they will ever do. MAY I ADD LOL……I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and this diet seem to help with my symptoms x

  • Ruth Walters - 39

    I’ve lost 15lbs in 6 weeks, plus inches from all over. I’ve never stuck to a diet as much as this one before & I feel much healthier for it, my confidence in my body is also returning after having 3 children. I’m much more confident in trying new recipes too. The support is fantastic too. Can’t praise Terri-Ann enough ;)

  • Heather Hilling - 26

    I’ve lost 13lb in a month despite a few treats! I’m trying to fit into my wedding dress which is a size 10. I love bread and thought I’d never be able to do something like this but it is easy to follow and the support network is fantastic. I’d highly recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight. Best diet ever!!!

  • Pat Rawson - 63

    I have lost 11 lbs and 6″ in 3 weeks thanks to Terri Ann’s fantastic 123 eating plan. Having had an underactive Thyroid for 25 years, I have really struggled to lose weight with any diet I have tried. I was even under the doctor on tablets and they didn’t work. I am absolutely over the moon with this eating plan. The choice of foods you can eat is incredible and I have never felt hungry. I have so much energy my daily chores and gym sessions are effortless. I cannot praise Terri Ann enough for creating such a fantastic eating plan which has helped so many people including many who have medical issues. Well done Terri Ann, you deserve to go far. Xxx

  • Ruth Dickson

    This diet has changed my attitude towards food. 2 stone 4lbs lost so far and I’ve mostly maintained this weight since march. Put on 6lbs over a 3 week holiday and lost it on the 10 day boost! This plan is not a quick fix but a way of life! It works!

  • Lynne Drewery

    3st 3lb since jan3rd plan is so easy I wish I’d done it before and the support from administration and others on the plan is fantastic and love the app!

  • Marie Arafin

    I have a under active thyroid, i’ve been on this plan for 14 weeks now and i’ve lost 2 stone 5lb, I was so pleased when I started loosing as nothing I tried before was doing anything.

  • Ally Green

    I have PCOS and my weight is all the middle and i can never loose weight but iv done 8lb in 7 days so id recommend the plan cos i know how hard it is to shift with this condition.

  • Louise Southam - 39

    I’ve lost 6 stones since starting the plan in just 6 months. A big thankyou to terri-ann for the support xxx amazing plan that’s easy to follow.

  • Danny Rhodes (male) - 31

    Lost 1st 7lb in 3 weeks

  • Karen Lang - 37

    Lost 1 stone 9lbs in 4 weeks have been on every diet and even though lost o them have never had a consistent weight loss as i have with the 123 plan and kept it off . the best healthy eating plan by far thankyou Terri-Ann Lloyd Mitchell xx

  • Kelly Durose - 31

    Lost 3st 2lb in 15 weeks gone from a size 20 to a 14 love the diet happy days and still going till i get to a size 10 x

  • Rachel Heptinstall - 28

    Lost 2st 5lb over 13weeks gone from an size 16 to a 12 happy days :) x

  • Kayleigh Robertshaw - 25

    Lost 34lb in 2 n a half months.Its amazing to finally find a diet that you can enjoy, and it not be a chore!! The support that you receive from TerriAnn and the other members is fantastic!! Would recommend to anybody!!

  • Kevin Rickatson (male) - 26

    I started this diet at the end of February weighing 17st 10lb, and have just this week come back from a long lads weekend in magaluf and after stepping on the scales this morning i came in at 14st 6lb after going on holida at bang on 14st. its a great diet not hard at all as i love meat so the first stage was easy and if you stick to it and i do alot of excersize to ot really does drop of you thanks alot Terri-Ann Lloyd Mitchell dont think i could of done it wiout this plan!!!

  • Emma - 31

    Only on day 12 but had 6lb loss on day 4 and 9 lb loss by day 11, 1 inch off thighs and waist and half inch off arms. Able to wear my tens comfortably again now! One happy customer

  • Shell Bower - 47

    I lost 2 1/2 stone in 4 months and thats not all i went from a size 20/22 top to a size 10/12 dependant on fit and bottoms from 14/16 to a size 8/10 dependant on fit as some clothes are made different to others. I have never felt so good my hubby Gary Bower has also lost 2 stone and lots of inches and now wears smaller clothes. We don’t call it a diet its more like sensible eating and it makes you think about what you put in your body there is also this is the best bit never any reason to put that weight or the inches back on. Also I have maintained my weight loss for 5 month now. Thanks Terriannxxxx

  • Lynn Robins - 53

    I lost 9llbs in my 1st 4 days & have carried on to lose over 2st in approx 8-9wks, this is such an easy diet to follow although it doesn’t seem like one, it’s all about healthy eating, & the 123 support from terriann& other members is amazing, i have also gone down from size 24 to a size 20- happy!

  • Louise Perrin - 39

    Lost 2 stones in 10 weeks on this wonderful plan. Easy to follow, easy to stick to, good for ur health and well being. Ive gone from a size 16 to a 12…what else can i possibly say!!

  • Trilby

    I have been doing this diet for just 3 weeks and i have already lost 9 1/2 pounds and although i didn’t measure from the start , 2 weeks after i started i have lost a total of 13 and 1/2 inches, The best thing about this diet is its simple, no counting, no calculating, The meals are so simple to make and great recipes to choose from again nice and simple perfect for busy mums and of course dads, As a mother of 4 children and running a business with my husband this has been the best Healthy eating/ Diet plan by far and beleive me i have tried everything from A to z, Thank you soo much Terri-Ann for being there for me and helping to change my life around.

  • Shannon - 39

    I’ve gone from a size 24/26 to a size 18/20 since the end of January even though i have had 6 weeks off the plan off and on due to illness and surgery.I don’t weigh myself but measure instead and have lost a total of 78 inches from ankles,thighs,bingowings,tummy,hips,ribs and bum.My other half has done the plan for 15 days and has lost 1stone 1lb and gone down 2 jeans sizes.Neither of us are ever hungry and we both find this plan the easiest to stick to.Itdoesnt feel like a diet,just a healthier way of eating.Terri is always helpful,even if we feel like our question is silly.p.s.. I’m diabetic and have an underactive thyroid and i have never had any probs on this plan whatsoever

  • Paula Prosser - 30

    Lost 51 pound 28 weeks , this is by far the best diet ever , ive tried everyone going without a doubt and never been successfull been overweight since i was about 14 nothing worked! id lose a stone and then stay the same thought i would give this a go and its the best thing ive ever done in my life continuous results and amazing support from terri-ann and the rest of the group ,i would be lost without this diet 123 is my life now long term and its so easy to do and isnt daunting thinking of being on a diet plan forever as 123 has a wide variety and i just love it!

  • Kayley Taylor - 24

    Start weight of 17stone 7pound, on day 25 i weighed 16 stone 5pound, total lost of 1stone 2pound!!! i found this plan by accident, was not looking to get healthy, thoroughly depressed with my situation. within 10 minutes of reading and looking at photos i signed up and started the same day!! 28 days later and it was the best decision i ever made! been trying since i was 16 to lose weight, done many other diets and even went to a dietician to no avail. this plan is not a diet it’s a healthy lifestyle, i could fill a 300 page book with how this plan has changed my attitude to life and food, my mood, and my confidence. my family are more impressed by how the plan has changed me as a person than by how brilliant the weight loss is!! all other ‘diets’ made me feel suicidal by 7 days, this plan has made me happy and has been a breeze, easy to follow, no hunger, no cravings that make me angry and moody, affordable on a tight budget and even my family who are not losing weight prefer some of the meals i have to their own!!

  • Jade Jones - 25

    I went from 10st 5 to 9st 9 in just 7 days! after 4 children I have tried everything to get my figure back and this is so easy and affordable you forget its even a diet. Thanks Terri-Ann Lloyd Mitchell I love it xx

  • Vicky Davies - 36

    Lost 2st 1 lb in 10wks,such a fab easy to follow diet no hard recipes to follow such basic foods can be eaten and you just watch the weight fall off,the best thing about it if you do fall off the wagon within one wk its all corrected,i love this diet thanks to terrianns 123 diet plan,xx

  • Claire Cornforth - 44

    Lost 2pound in 3 days. As a woman of limited mobility after an accident i need to lose weight and Terri-Ann came recommended. Its the easiest, happiest diet and one i have complete faith in The fact that i will continue to lose weight without too much exercise. A lot of symptoms from an illness are already becoming easier to bare and all this after 4 days its just disappears like magic. I can’t thank you enough x

  • Liz Copley - 32

    lost 2st 7lb in 15 weeks,gone from a size 16 to 10. this plan is so easy to stick to and even if you have any slip ups it soon comes back off. i have never stuck to any diet this long and i love it xx I also have thyroid problems!

  • Toni Wade - 24

    I lost 3 stone in 3 months. I had tried most diets before this including weight watchers, slimming world and slim fast. This is the best diet by far, so easy to stick to and plenty of unlimited foods so you can eat all day long! Lol love the fact there’s no calorie counting or points counting you just eat what you’re allowed (and lots of it!) would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to lose weight!

  • Trevor (male) - 42

    Found this plan on facebook, requested to join introduction group, Seemed to good to be true, i then monitored the group and its members before taking the plunge. lost 3stone in about 17 weeks and found it so easy to do. Have still remained a member of the group and have met some wonderful people. I have lost the wieght and maintained my losses, 3 months later and i know i can lose more if i wanted to….don’t hesistate what is there to lose! Its easy as 1.2.3!

  • Lorrina Philips

    I lost 12lbs in the first 8days of the 1.2.3 diet plan. Thanks Terri-Ann Lloyd Mitchell for helping me and introducing the diet. It is great and a fab way to lose weight =D x

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