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Why do people love the 123 plan?

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  • An affordable plan including lifetime membership
    The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan is a one off payment which includes your book and lifetime membership. Our plan and membership does not have any monthly, weekly or yearly payments.
  • Our “never go hungry” meal plan
    The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan is a “never go hungry” plan. We encourage regular eating as we feel that snacks are just as important as your main meal. Eating regular keeps your metabolism going throughout the day as well as keeping those hungry pains at bay. All our foods are everyday supermarket foods and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • We support our members 365 days a year

    The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan membership gives you access to a support group and personal support from TerriAnn the creator and founder of the Plan. TerriAnn and the 123 team are on hand day and night to support you throughout your journey.

  • 600+ online meal ideas, online videos & meals plans

    The TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan support group gives you access to over 600 online meal ideas in addition to the meal ideas included in your book. The support group also includes meal and exercise videos plus additional plans at no extra cost.


So, what’s my story and why did I create the TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan?

After 2 pregnancies in 2 years, 1 of which was twins, I was my heaviest at 15st 7lb. I struggled to lose the weight which left me down and depressed.

In January 2011 I decided enough was enough, and from using my knowledge and understanding of many high street diets, I was able to create my own plan which not only worked around my busy mum lifestyle, but it also gave me great results!

After following the plan I had created for just a few months I got incredible results, which led people to ask me how I had lost all the weight? and if I could help them too … The Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan was born! Since sharing my plan 6 years ago through a Facebook.

group I have sold over 100k+ books globally and have 1000s of people losing weight and keeping it off. I love helping people on their journey and cant wait to help you with yours!

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